who we are
Intelligent Telecommunications Limited

At Intelligent Telecommunications Limited we provide a wide array of field and office based services across both the fixed line and mobile telecommunication sectors. We have the experience, expertise and scale to deliver in the UK and Global markets.

our customers

Supported telecommunications networks for many years

corporate & social

Our Customers and our People are at the heart of our Business. To ensure our ongoing commitment, our Organisation is built around the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a business, we understand the complex factors that need to be considered and provide equal focus on environmental, financial and social factors, with a finger on the pulse approach to staff satisfaction.

We view our responsibilities practically, making sure that our policies, practices and initiatives are governed with honesty and transparency and have a positive impact on social and environmental wellbeing, for both our business and our customers.



ITL has built and supported telecommunications networks for many years. Our processes and accreditations are robust and we work with customers to put in place methods and practices appropriate for the work to be undertaken. This level of accreditation ensures that ITL can support all projects across multiple sectors and customers.

field engineering

a guarantee of required skills

Our Field Force has an unrivalled reach and can be deployed anywhere in the UK. Our field based staff are provided with regular training and have the necessary skills, experience and accreditations to be able to work across multiple sectors and work streams. For all projects we undertake, we consider the requirements in detail and apply our experience of UK field based installations to ensure we assign the right resource for the work at hand.

a quality service

All our services are underpinned by a rigorous and robust Quality Management System. Our minimum quality targets are defined by our customers and then taken further by our Quality department made up of experts from market leading corporations. We understand that a Services business must guarantee the quality of its services every day, we therefore provide our Quality Department with the autonomy and authority to make Operational and Management decisions. Our Quality Teams have a separate reporting line into senior management and this independence ensures that our deployment teams adhere to and exceed the stringent Quality targets ITL sets for all our projects. This rigour means we are seen as trusted partners by our Customers.